Irina Skopin

I'm a digital marketer and an online entrepreneur, actively working towards building my best life. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to pursue their dreams. My purpose is to inspire and support you through my own journey, empowering you to transform your life as well. I'm here to guide you and share the education, tools, and shortcuts that I used, which, if you desire, can help you successfully launch and grow your dream business too.



My name is Irina. I was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia. At the age of 30, I moved to Sweden and have called it my home ever since. I was brought up to live a conventional life - attending school and university, obtaining a steady job, starting a family, and having children. I lived this life for many years, working for international companies and earning decent salaries, but always feeling unfulfilled and yearning for something more.

For so long, I had been going through the motions without truly questioning whether this was what I truly wanted. I longed to feel passionate about my life and work, to wake up on Monday mornings feeling excited and curious. I desired to travel more, to be able to purchase a ticket without worrying about the cost or if it fit my schedule. But my dreams always seemed at odds with reality, as the more time I spent building my career and trying to earn more money, the less time I had left to actually enjoy life.

I grew increasingly bored and discontent with my life and work, but I had no idea how to change it. It was easier for me to convince myself that "everything was fine" and continue on the familiar and conventional path rather than make a change. The more settled I became with my family, children, home, and my job, the more difficult it became for me to alter my circumstances. I believed that someone else, like my husband, should bring change into my life, and then maybe I would feel better.

After 25 years of marriage, my relationship fell apart, and I experienced the most tumultuous period of my life. The divorce left me emotionally shattered, and my self-esteem and confidence hit rock bottom. I had no idea how to handle practical matters such as managing my home, car, or finances. I foolishly thought that finding a new husband who would love and protect me, and solve all of my problems, would be the solution.

I eventually met and married a wonderful man, and we moved to the USA. We lived in a beautiful home and travelled a lot, and I did not have to work a 9-5 job. It seemed like the American dream life, yet I still felt unfulfilled.

I began searching for answers in self-development books, videos, and training. The most significant realization that completely transformed my mindset was that


I wrote this statement on a piece of paper and read it several times a day until it truly resonated with me.

Though I was mentally prepared to take action, I still didn't know how to change my circumstances, how to find passion and fulfilment in my life, or how to find the time and money to achieve my dreams.

I continued working in my corporate job while keeping an open mind to new opportunities. One day, I came across an advertisement for an online business opportunity that immediately caught my attention. It seemed like the person was speaking directly to me and had solutions to my problems. They were offering an online education program to learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in the digital world while also finding passion and fulfilment in work. I knew that this was my chance to change my life, but I wasn't ready to act yet.

When the pandemic hit, I lost my job, and I knew that it was time to take action. I joined the program, and I have never looked back. The program helped me discover my passion and how it could be a source of income and create the life that I love. I received so much support from mentors and people like me who were also building their businesses. I learned how to create a website and start an online business, and I finally found the passion and fulfilment that I had been searching for.

Now, I wake up every day feeling excited and motivated to work on my business. I am able to make my own schedule, and I have the freedom to travel and do the things that I love. I am in control of my own life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to make a change.

To anyone who is feeling unfulfilled or trapped in their current circumstances, I want to remind you that change is possible. It may be scary and difficult, but it is worth it in the end. Remember that you are responsible for your own life, wealth, and happiness, and don't be afraid to take the steps necessary to create the life that you truly desire.

I hope that my story has inspired you to take action towards transforming your life into the one you've always dreamed of.


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