Why are we afraid to change our lives and how to overcome the fear of change?

Do you recognize the feeling when you wake up and are not excited about the coming day? You are struggling to get out of bed and convincing yourself this is how life is supposed to be. You must go to a job that you don’t like and which is not fulfilling you. Do you feel that you spent so much time at your job, that you feel guilty for your family, that you are not a good enough parent or sponge? Would you like to change the situation, but you don’t know how to escape from the rat wheel? And even if you know what to do, you don’t have enough confidence to change the situation.

You probably feel uncertainty.

Or you have a fear that the situation could be worse than now if we’ll change it.

You maybe hesitate because you don’t know if it is the right decision.

Or you feel that you are just not ready yet to make a shift.

Why is it so? Why are we so afraid of changes even if when we don’t want to go on like this?

Being in a comfort zone creates a feeling of safety because everything here is predictable and stable.

Watch the video, which explains why we have a fear of change.

Fear is a normal feeling, and we all have it. Our brain creates fear since it is programmed by evolution to help us survive and avoid pain. As soon as a situation feels wholly new, the brain cries to be careful and tries to prevent us from doing things that can harm us. And even if the logic tells that the change is positive, the brain will try to persuade that this might be wrong.

What can we do to eliminate the fear of change?

We all have the skills to change and evolve the unconscious reaction of our minds. The most important is to start to believe in yourself that you can do it, you will fix it. It will help you overcome your fear to experience the life that you truly want.

Below are the steps which would help you to overcome the fear of changes:

  • Try to get as much information as possible about the potential change. It will help you to convert something unknown to more natural and familiar. 
  • Create a detailed plan of your actions and what you will do if things develop in distinctive scenarios. If you have decided to change or quit your job, create a plan for what you will do next. It will give you confidence and reduce your worries. We cannot have everything under our control, but we can control our thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
  • Focus on the positive sides of the changes. Visualize all the positive things which are coming. You can start every morning by visualizing your new future. Imagine in every tiny detail what you do there, what you see. Feel it. 
  • Find support in others. We always feel better and more confident when we are survived by people who understand and support us.
  • Look back to your past experience. You’ve probably had tough challenges in your life, and you’ve managed to handle them. These memories will help you to get confidence. Remind yourself that you have already coped with challenging situations in the past, and you have successfully overcome them. Because of them, you got new experiences and skills, and they made you stronger.

Remember that change creates progress. It can be hard to change your career or life, but it’s worth it. Only you can decide what would be the final result. It is your life, and everything is in your hands. Start today with small steps. Do not wait!